First of all,  I hope you are all keeping well and safe during these interesting and unprecedented times.

Many of us are self isolating, unable to leave the house and at this time, it is particularly important to take care of our mental and emotional wellbeing.    Therefore, I am delighted to offer you all some FREE online self development and wellness courses from Amazing Coaching.

My online courses, as well as lots of other free content on meditation and yoga, have been kindly unlocked by

My free online courses from Amazing Coaching include:

  1. How to Manage Your Stress
  2. 14 day self esteem challenge
  3. Stress Hacks
  4. Confidence Hacks

Please see the end of the email for links.

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I would also like to invite you to join my facebook page where I will be sharing lots of tips to keep your mind, body and canoe calm in this current climate!

Personal Life Coaching Sessions

All Personal Life Coaching sessions are now offered on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or even the telephone.  I am also running some payment schemes and discounts, so please contact me if you would like more information.    30 minute Life Coaching sessions are also available.

Online Group Life Coaching Course.

I am also now offering a place on my Online Group Life Coaching course for only £50 or $100 AUD.    The course will be held on Zoom so as long as you have a phone or laptop, you can join in!

The course is for 6 weeks, one evening a week for 90 mins.    I will set homework every week for you – something to keep you busy and feeling good!  I usually run this course face to face so am excited about running it online for the first time!

The Group Life Coaching course will cover many topics including the following:

  1. Who you really are
  2. Your negative beliefs and programming
  3. Your canoe, stream and happiness
  4. Focus
  5. How to get what you want
  6. Dealing with negative emotions.

If you would like to join me,  please send me an email at either or

On a Final Note:

Please look after yourself and your love ones!  This is an important time as the planet is re-booting! It is important to keep yourself calm, relaxed and on your own canoe and stream, regardless of what mainstream is doing.

Links to FREE online Courses.

Here are the links to all of the free courses. Please can also download the Apple iOS, Apple TV and android and Roku apps to watch these for free (on the go) and they can also watch on their Hisense and Vizio TVs.

Free Wellbeing Content from Lisa Phillips, Amazing Coaching

Stress Hacks
14 Day Self-Esteem Challenge
Confidence Hacks
The Ultimate Confidence Boost

Free Yoga Courses

Yoga Beginner’s Flow:
Yoga for Back Pain:
Yoga Neck and Shoulder Stress Relief:
Yoga Relaxation for Sleep:

Free Meditation Courses

Guided Meditation: Gratitude
Guided Meditation: Forgiveness
Guided Meditation: Soothe your Heart
Guided Breathing Meditation:
Guided Meditation: Body Scan
Guided Meditation: Letting Go
Guided Mediation: Inner Smile

Sending you all lots of love

Lisa xx