In May 2021,  I facilitated an online workshop for the Miss Jones EA/PA Wellness event in London. I am now delighted to give you the opportunity to watch this  FREE Webinar  Upstream of Downstream for a limited time.

Upstream or Downstream?

The idea of your life being upstream or downstream, is something that I use frequently both as a Life Coach and guest speaker.    This simple philosophy demonstrates the importance of listening to your emotions, and choosing a life that feels good to you.

Think about it – If your life was a canoe on a floating stream,  do you get up every day and take your canoe upstream or downstream?   Upstream symbolises struggle, hard work, exhaustion and a life that doesn’t feel that good.

However, downstream represents taking your canoe in a much easier direction, a direction that aligns with your authentic self and importantly, feels really good to you!

Your Stream in Life

The stream actually represents your emotions.   Our emotions really are our best GPS system.  Learning to listen and honour our emotions, helps us  consciously focus our feelings downstream.

Free Webinar – Upstream or Downstream?

The following topics are included in the webinar:

  1. Negative and Positive feedback from your emotions
  2. How to identify which direction your canoe is going
  3. The importance of soothing and encouraging yourself.
  4. Giving up the struggle! 
  5. Examples of how to use this philosophy to reduce anxiety and boost self confidence

Watch the FREE Webinar – Upstream or Downstream here.

Inspiring Female Speaker

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She is also engaged as a cruise ship speaker for several international cruise companies including Royal Caribbean and P&O.

The author of The Confidence Coach book,   Lisa regularly shares her expertise in the media and she is also a trained TV Presenter.

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