I shall tell you a secret.  I moved career from Accountant  to Life Coach!

When working with my Coaching Programs,  I often share my story from Accountant to Life Coach with my coaching clients.

Accountancy was never the AUTHENTIC ME.

I thought it was a good idea at the time.   It fact, everyone around me encouraged me to become an accountant.  So I did it.  I sat my exams, trained in accountancy and then worked in Internal audit for a large multinational company.  I even go to travel the world business class and visited over 20 countries through my work.

I was never a Confident Accountant.

I loved meeting people, I loved travelling.  But I hated accountancy.  In fact,  it used to stress me out, I was always worried that I had missed something and deep down knew that I wasn’t doing a great job.

I was in the Wrong Career.

I had literally fell into the wrong career of being an accountant as I had followed other peoples experiences and opinions.  Let’s call this main stream.

At this time,  I didn’t know the importance of following my OWN STREAM.

The importance of your Own Stream.

We all have unique preferences.   In short, our unique preferences make us happy.   The more we honour, apply and follow our preferences, the more they will lead us into a career that we love.   Our unique preferences are the things that make us feel good when we do them.    When this happens,  our life flows downstream. 

When we choose to ignore our personal preferences,  we struggle and don’t enjoy our careers.   The fact is we have moved away from our authentic self.

Confidence in Your Career

I have lots of Life Coaching clients come to my Northamptonshire office or work with me for online coaching who ask for help in increasing confidence in their career. 

I always start with the same question.   Are you on the right stream in your career? Does your career align with your personal preferences or values?

If it doesn’t, the chances are your career may never feel fulfilling to you,  and it will always feel upstream, despite how hard you work.

The analogy of your life being like a stream, is one I use regularly whether it is Life Coaching, Public speaking or running workshops on Cruise ships.

It is really simple.    If  your life was a canoe, which direction would you be taking it every day?  Would your canoe be flowing downstream, with ease, joy and pleasure or would your canoe be struggling upstream every day leaving you feeling exhausted?

If you would like some help in learning how to take your life in the direction you have always wanted, or perhaps you need some help feeling confident in your career,  please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Northamptonshire Life Coach

Recently returned to Northamptonshire from Sydney, Australia.   award winning Life Coach and Confidence expert Lisa Phillips has over 20 years experience.   She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book.   Her work as an award winning Life Coach is regularly featured in the media.   She is also a regular on Morning TV shows and radio.  The Northamptonshire Life Coach is also the Confidence Expert on The Love Destination TV. 


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