Gaining Positive Momentum Each Morning

Gaining Positive Momentum Each Morning

 Feeling Good Each Morning

How would you like to wake up feeling good each morning?  When we sleep, our beliefs, thoughts and feelings all re-set  and our vibration ( or what we attract in life) is also renewed. As a result, if want to experience a good day for yourself each and every day, you need to choose to leave the previous day behind and gently focus on feeling good each.morning on creating a new day for yourself that will be filled with things that you want – not what you don’t want. 

I have worked as a Confidence and Life Coach for over 18 years, but believe that my morning routine is one of the things that has really led me to experience some of the greatest achievements in my life personally. 

However, in order for you achieve success in this process you really need to make your own wellbeing or feelings – the main priority each day when we wake. Or to put it simply, you need to care enough about feeling good that you put some gentle effort into focusing your emotions into feeling good each morning. 

In reality, many of us wake up dreading the day (especially on a Monday!), and we begin each and every day thinking about all the stuff we need to do or worrying about the day ahead.  We also pick up on our thoughts of yesterday and keep these running in our minds. However, in doing this, we are unconsciously starting the momentum of negative thoughts and as a result, the more we do this, the more the momentum will build and our negative thoughts will just get stronger and stronger throughout the day. Note – A way to counter this is to take a nap and re-set our vibration again but this can be difficult during work hours!

The key is to always remember you have a far better chance of creating a great day if you start in the morning – before too much negative momentum has set in.  So it is about choosing putting a little focus towards feeling good each morning. 

How to Feel Good Each Morning

Each morning I wake, I make a commitment to myself make myself a hot cup of coffee and head back to bed for half an hour!  My main reason for doing this is to simply give myself the opportunity  to build up positive momentum in the morning before my day begins.  During this time I gently start to focus and appreciate general things in my life, such as the warm duvet (especially on chilly mornings), the love for my cat Nora,  and the fact that I care about myself enough to go back to bed. I also gently focus on what I would like to happen that day – such as a media interview, an opportunity to be on TV or create a new speaker opportunity.

In appreciating these very general and simple things, I allow my vibration to raise naturally and the positive momentum builds. As a result, within 15 minutes I have created a new positive vibrational set point. The benefits of this including:

1) It just feels really good

2) I have focussed myself into a great point of attraction for other great things to be attracted to me

3) Negative experiences or people who do not match my high vibration will not be attracted to me. ( Isn’t that a nice thought!)

Building up a high vibration each morning does take a little practice but in around 30 days, you will end up naturally walking up with this new higher emotional set point.  Once this happens, you won’t necessarily have to deliberately focus on things to appreciate or feel good about, as you will already feel good without any real effort as this has now become your new dominant point of attraction.

Lisa Phillips is an award winning author, confidence coach and professional speaker based in Northants. Lisa regularly speaks at conferences and runs workshops for organisations on a range of topics including Confidence, Self Empowerment, Resilience and Team Building. Lisa is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’. To find out more, please see or

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