Most of us may experience feelings of guilt at some time. In today’s blog, I will share with you the importance of getting rid of guilt!

Why do we Feel Guilty?

We often experience feelings of guilt when we believe we have done something wrong.  This may include:

  1. Letting someone down
  2. Hurting Someone
  3. Turning down a request from another person
  4.  Not doing what other people may want us to do
  5.  When we expect to be punished by another person. ( often a family member or friend).

Our feelings of Guilt are often distorted

Too often, we experience feelings of guilt because we have turned against ourselves or we are disapproving of our own behaviour.    Frequent feelings of guilt are connected to negative beliefs and low self esteem.  Feeling guilty is also down to a lack of healthy boundaries and a poor understanding of our personal human rights.  Negative beliefs which are commonly connected with feelings of guilt include:

  • I shouldn’t rock the boat
  • I need to be a nice person
  • Other peoples opinion of me are more important than my own opinions
  • If I upset another person, they may not like me
  • It is not safe for me to speak up
  • ‘ What will people think of me’ 
  • I‘ should’ have done better / more 

The Reality of Guilt

The reality is, most of feel guilty as we believe other peoples opinions and judgement are more important than our own. We also may have never been taught during childhood that we have the right to turn down peoples requests, prioritize our own needs and place more importance on your own feelings, rather than the feelings of other people!  This is something I regularly assist my Life Coaching clients with in our Personal Life Coaching sessions.

Feeling Guilty just makes you Feel Bad.

It is just a way to punish yourself.  Let’s get honest here,  does guilt really do any good at all?  Ok, in some circumstances it may help you to make better decisions in the future, but regularly feeling guilty just makes you feel BAD or Upstream.

Getting Rid of Guilt

Freeing yourself of guilty feelings starts with what you believe you deserve in life.  Do you believe you deserve to say No to other people? What about turning down other peoples requests? Do you feel you have the right to put your feelings and opinions first?

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