Society is always telling us to think positively  – so why do I think it is a good idea to GIVE UP POSITIVE THINKING!

There are several key reasons to give up positive thinking. These include:

  1. Positive thinking only reaches your brain stem – Not your Body or emotions.   In fact, it only reaches approx. 41% of your entire body.
  2. It can feel really difficult or upstream – In order to make change easy, you have to align your feelings with your positive thinking,  positively thinking alone can take years!
  3. Your positive thoughts may not be in align with your beliefs. As a result, you may feel like you are forcing yourself into positive thinking  but you may not actual believe what you are thinking.
  4. If Positive thinking feels like a struggle, there is a huge possibility you may just give up.

Don’t get me wrong, positive thinking can work, but only when it is aligned with the feelings in your body.  Your thoughts need to align with your emotions.

Have you experienced telling someone that you feel fine but inside you just feel like crying?   This is an example of your thoughts and feelings not being in alignment.

Positive Change requires Alignment with your Thoughts and Feelings.

If you want positive change to happen, you need to match your positive thinking with positive feelings.  It is no good trying to feel more positive if deep down you feel like a failure or not good enough!

When your words and feelings are aligned, this creates heart coherence in your body.  In addition,  new neural pathways will be created in your brain.   The more you align your thoughts and feelings, the more the new thoughts will become part of your identity.  This will then become who you really are!

If you only think positively, it may take ages for your emotions to agree with what you are thinking or saying.

Life Coaching Clients

This is a common problem that my Life Coaching clients come to see me about.  They may have been trying to change something in their life for years, but they just feel like they are getting nowhere or they keep going back to old negative thoughts or ways of doing things.

In my Life Coaching practice, I have designed a process which ensures that my clients ensure alignment with their heart, thoughts and feelings.   As a result, change is easy and most of all, feels good.   In addition, the new changes are here to stay – no more going back to old behaviours.    Why not contact me to find out more about how I can help you?  Please also check out my Life Coach Testimonials.

Northamptonshire Life Coach.

Previously based in Sydney, Australia,   Lisa Phillips has over 20 years experience as a Leading Life Coach and Confidence expert.  She is also a trained counsellor. Lisa is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.  (Exisle Publishing 2015) and is currently the Life Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV.  

She is also a cruise ship wellness speaker and popular guest speaker. 

The award winning Life Coach also works with clients all over the world via Phone or Skype.