With many of us living with lockdown,  I was on the search for some new online meditation and wellness classes.  I love experiencing new wellness techniques so the Coronavirus lockdown was the perfect time to try something new!

During my own journey of 21 years in Self Development,  believe me, I have tried every wellness technique going! These have ranged from Angel Card readings,  ( of which I am a certified Angel reader), re-birthing, kinesology, reiki and so many more.

Being the type of person who prefers to listen to my own inner guidance   rather than the advice of other people,  I was on the search for something that resonated highly with both my inner being and me!   It had to be a downstream experience for me!

I struck gold a few weeks ago when I came across Masha’s Sound and Soul Centre.

The page is owned by Masha who has studied, explored and experienced many different forms of therapy and personal development approaches.  Masha  has  worked as a psychotherapist in the NHS for seven years, managed a drug rehab in a women’s prison, volunteered in Sri Lanka teaching trauma therapy to trainee counsellors, took part in research projects, and completed an MSc Therapeutic Practice in Psychological Trauma.

More recently, Masha has been offering  sand play therapy, sound healing, art and nature therapies.  For more information on Masha’s work, please see her website.

Gong Baths

I was led to attend one of Masha’s Gong Baths one Saturday evening.   Words cannot say how much I enjoyed both the Gong sounds plus Masha’s gentle and comforting words.    I was hooked!  Masha started with a lovely introduction of all her different gongs which I personally found extremely interesting   A 40 minute Gong Meditation then followed where all I needed to do was lie back and relax!  I found it a beautiful experience and my body thoroughly enjoyed all the different vibrations.   I was using headphones so found the vibrations particularly powerful.   After the gong bath I felt calm, relaxed and could still feel the vibrations in my body.

What is a Gong Bath?

Gong Bath meditation is a  type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about inner healing.  It is often known as a bath as you feel like you are bathing in beautiful gong sound waves!

Following my experience, I was asked to share my experience of Gong Baths in Metro UK.

You can read the full article in Metro UK here. 

Why not try a Gong Bath?

There are literally thousands of wellness techniques available in the world and it is important to choose something that feels good for you.   Why not try a Gong Bath?  It is highly recommended!

PS –  Another recommendation of mine is from Joanne at The Full Spectrum Centre. 

Joanne does a Colour Therapy Meditation or Chakra meditation on a Sunday evening and this is also a favourite of mine!

Lisa Phillips – Award Winning Life Coach and Confidence Expert.

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