Group Coaching sessions in Corby Northamptonshire.

I am really delighted to announce that I will be running a series of Group Life Coaching Sessions in Corby, Northants  during  November 2019.    Group Coaching sessions are a great alternative to private coaching consultations.

How will the Group Coaching Sessions work?

I am offering two types of Group Life Coaching sessions:

The first option is a general Course that is open to a maximum of 20 people.   This option is ideal for those who have never experienced any type of Self Development or have never had a Life Coaching session.  Each session will last for 75 minutes.  The course will run over 5 weeks.   This session will give you the information and knowledge you need to feel great!  Topics to be included are as follows:

  • The Importance of Feeling Good – How to identify what makes you feel good
  • How our Negative beliefs impact our wellbeing ( e.g. Anxiety, depression, guilt, lack of confidence etc)
  • Different methodologies to release yourself from Negative Emotions and Negative Self Talk
  • Learning to be your own best friend.

The introductory price for this course is £25 per session or £99 if booked in advance.   Please note it is advised to attend all sessions as each topic will build on the previous weeks learning.  Homework will also be given at the end of each Group Coaching session.  Payment can be made via PayPal, bank deposit or Cash.

The second option is an Intense 5 week Program.

Numbers are limited to 6 people only.  Each session will last for 90 minutes and the course will run over 5 weeks.  I have deliberately restricted this course to only 6 people.  This will enable me to work with the attendees on a more personalised and in-depth basis.   Topics will be tailored to the individuals needs.  ( A questionnaire will be sent out prior to the start of the course).  Homework will also be given at the end of each Group Coaching session.     The cost of this program is £225.  Please note, this course is only open to people over the age of 18.

Where will the Group Coaching sessions be held?

The Group Life Coaching session will be held at a brand new centre in The Grove, Corby, Northamptonshire.   I have been lucky enough to view this amazing new centre and I promise you, you will be delighted with your training room and breakout areas!

When will the sessions be held?

Please let me now you preferred day of the week for coaching sessions. I will then decide what day of the week is most popular. It is likely that the sessions will begin around 6pm – 6.30pm.

How do I register?

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!  Contact me now at [email protected] for more information.   Places are strictly limited.

Who is Lisa Phillips?

Originally from Corby, Northants,  Lisa Phillips has spent the past twenty years in Sydney, Australia.  She is one of Australia’s leading Life Coaches.  She is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book and her work has been featured extensively on TV, Radio and Press.   For more information, please see her Media Page. 

Lisa has won several Life Coaching awards for her leading edge techniques.

Lisa has 20 years experience and is also a trained Counsellor.  She is the current Confidence Coaching expert on The Love Destination. 

Please check out Lisa’s Life Coaching Testimonials. 

Please contact me if you would like to know more about Group Coaching or Individual Life Coaching or Confidence Coaching sessions.

Northants Life Coach