Unless you are blissfully unaware of the media,  you will no doubt have heard the news about Harry and Meghan.

I must be honest,  I avoid the mainstream news as much as possible, but this latest news about the Royal Couple really peaked my interest.   Well, other peoples reactions to it anyway.

I find peoples reactions fascinating to the news that Harry and Meghan wish to turn their backs on Royal Duties, take responsibility for their own lives and be true to themselves.    This includes moving away from anything that doesn’t make them feel good ( such as the UK press and Paparazzi) and moving towards a lifestyle that is more attuned to their personal happiness preferences and desires.

This is what I teach in my Life Coaching sessions when I talk about choosing a downstream life.  Therefore,  I say Well done to the couple for tuning into and honouring their authentic needs.  For choosing their own path, based upon their own choices of what feels good to them.

It is about finding a way to live that works for you.

In my opinion,  Harry and Meghan are practising self care in tuning into what they need.  In addition, they are honouring their own needs and following their path of most joy.   Isn’t that what we all should be doing? 

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the Royal Family.  However, doesn’t anyone, regardless of who they are have the right to follow their own joy, their unique personal path of what will bring them the most happiness and peace?   Yes! We all have this right as a human being!  We all have the right to act according to our own needs, regardless of what other people may think!  We all have the right to choose our own life regardless of the opinion of other people.

Your Life is your Own

Choosing what path your life takes is really up to you.   If you decide to only do what others feel is better for you, or spend your life seeking approval or keeping other people happy, then your life just isn’t your own.   It is a fake life, a life which will never feel that great to you.   If the direction of your life is based upon ‘ whether other people will approve or not‘ then they are in the driving seat of your life.  And you are sitting in the back probably feeling just a little bit lost and resentful.

Who is in Charge of Your Life?

I ask you today,  who is in the driving seat of your life?  What are you not doing just because you fear other people won’t like it?  Do you stay in a relationship just to keep people happy?   Do you stay in a job you hate as you don’t want to upset anyone?  Or have you put your own personal hopes and dreams to the side just in case other people don’t like it?

Therefore, I am proud of Harry and Meghan.   For finding their own way in life and honouring the direction they wish their life to go in.   Also, I am proud of them for doing it despite what other people, the media and their family may think of them.

Amazing Coaching by Lisa Phillips

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