Have you ever wondered what a Life coach actually does or How can a Life Coach help you?

In todays blog,  I thought I would share some insight on my role as a leading life coach ,confidence expert and inner child coach.   Before I go on,  I would like to be clear that this information is specific to my own work at www.amazingcoaching.co.uk. Every Life Coach is different and will use different methodologies and processes.

Lisa Phillips – How a Life Coach can help you.

Everyone is different and my clients come to see me for a wide variety of reasons.   One thing that all clients have in common is that they have a desire to feel better than they currently do!

This could involve releasing negative beliefs and programming,  gaining new employment or breaking away from a difficult relationship.  Clients also often come to see me as they need some support in life or they could simply be feeling stuck.       Not surprisingly,  many people seek my services as they just know there should be more to life!

I also trained as a Counsellor while in Australasia .  This gives my clients the unique opportunity to receive counselling and Life Coaching during their sessions with me.    I am also a Master NLP Practitioner and if appropriate,  will incorporate NLP into your Life Coaching sessions.  Inner Child work is a speciality of mine and I have been including inner child coaching into my sessions for over 20 years.

Leading Edge Methodologies.

When I first gained my Life Coaching qualifications ( 22 years ago!),  my work was all about setting goals, busting excuses and discovering your values.    However life moves on and so has Life Coaching.    Back then, my work was mostly about the ‘ external’ you, including achieving goals such as weight loss or becoming more abundant.

This is very different to how I work now.   My leading edge techniques now include setting desires, caring about how you feel and using your inner guidance to live your true authentic self.    Life is not about ‘ faking it until you make it‘  – it is about alignment with your authentic self and discovering the real you!   In my work, I use my trademark ‘ Upstream / Downstream’ methodology which I use to help my break free from old negative programming.   Inner Child work also is incorporated into most Life Coaching sessions.

Coaching is not a ‘ one size fits all’.

Each Life Coaching session is tailored to your unique needs.   We are all different with a unique set of beliefs and desires.    Therefore,  each client will have a different experience.   Why not check out my Life Coaching Testimonials? 

In conclusion, as an award winning Life Coach, I both have the experience and qualifications to assist you in any area of your life.   Why not contact me today for a no-obligation chat?

Lisa Phillips has been awarded four international awards for her work as a Life Coach and Confidence expert.  She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.