I would make a small fortune if I had a £$ for every time I was asked the question ‘ How do I become a Life Coach?

This week alone I have had three emails asking this very same question.    As sadly I don’t have the time to tailor each response,  I thought it would be a lot of easier to share this information in an Amazing Coaching blog post.

How do you become a Life Coach?

I completed  my Life Coaching training over 23 years ago when I was living in Sydney, Australia.   It was a 12 month course, 2 full weekends per month.     This was in the early days of ‘Life Coaching where the profession was fairly new in Australian society.   This course gave me the accreditation of  a Cert IV in Life Coaching.

Once I completed my course, ( with distinction!)  I then went on to become an NLP Master,  Dip. Counselling,  Hogan’s Accredited Coach and finally, completed a diploma in Workplace Coaching.   To be honest, my personal development has never stopped and I am always topping up my Life Coaching qualifications – there is always something new to learn!

These days, you can purchase a Life Coaching course for under £100.  Yes that is a great deal, but does it really equip people to become a Professional Coach, I very much doubt it.

My Advice if you are looking to become a Life Coach.

Firstly, take responsibility for your own career and do your research.  Being a successful Life Coach is about inspiring and uplifting your clients to be their best  so you need to walk your own talk.   There is so much information online and plenty of social media groups who can give you advice.   You can also contact the ICF – International Coaching Federation.

Secondly, get a personal Life Coach.   The best training courses will provide you with one. My life Coaching training included having my own personal Life Coach.  You need to sort your own life out first before you even think about assisting other people!

What Life Coaching Training should I do?

There are an abundance of courses available, both face to face and online.   Choose the course that is going to meet your individual needs.   If you want to specialise  e.g.  Executive Coaching, Career Coaching or Wellness Coaching,  find a course that specialises in this area.     Practical experience is very valuable as well, so try to choose a course where you get to practise your skills.   Words don’t teach so you need to practice on as many people as you can.

In addition, I always think it is useful to find a Life Coaching Course that will help you start your own business. Unfortunately, the majority of people who complete their Life Coaching training give up when it is time to find clients!  Getting your Life Coaching certification is only the start of your journey.

Mentoring for Life Coaches.

I provide a mentoring service for new Life Coaches or those who are looking to expand their business.  You can find out more here Mentoring for Life Coaches

Lisa Phillips – Amazing Coaching

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach and Confidence expert.  She founded her company Amazing Coaching while living in Sydney, Australia.   Now back in the UK, Lisa provides her clients with a wide range of Personal Life Coaching sessions.

Lisa is also a highly popular wellness speaker.   Due to her high energy and relatable content, she will have your audience laughing while learning.    Lisa can run a bespoke workshop for your staff and also offers a wide range of 1 hour pre-pared wellness workshops for your staff.   She has spoken at over 200 events and is a Cruise Ship enrichment speaker.    Take a look at Lisa’s TV Show reel for insights into her speaker experience.

Lisa Phillips is also the current Life Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV Series.