Before I begin any coaching package new clients,   I can guarantee they will ask me ‘ How Many Life Coaching sessions will I need?’

It doesn’t matter whether you come to my office in Corby, Northamptonshire or sign up for Skype Life Coaching sessions,  my answer remains the same.   You can have as many or as little as you like! 

The fact is, I have 22 years experience  as an accredited Life Coach.  I have also won several international awards for my leading edge techniques.  Part of my role is also mentoring and coaching new life coaches,

Therefore, as a result of my vast experience and accreditation,  I do not tie my Life Coaching clients into any long packages.

Why? – Because you don’t need it! 

My role as your Life Coach

The fact is,  my job as a Life Coach and confidence coach is to assist you and support you into feeling really good. I will support you to release self sabotaging behaviours, toxic beliefs and heal your wounded inner child.   My role is to help you define and live your best life while taking responsibility for all that you feel.  I will make you laugh ( and cry!)  while guiding you to your ‘better feeling’ place and achieve any desire that feels good to you.

I am an expert at my job which means that many of my clients do not require any more than 6 -10 Life Coaching sessions.

Yes, I do have lots of clients who I have been coaching for many years, but they are usually ‘ top up sessions’  or when deep work is required from trauma.

Often clients just have 1 or 2 sessions with me.  They may just need  extra  support in letting go of a toxic emotion,  feeling confident in their career or an interview, or taking back their power in a certain situation.

However, if a client wishes to dig deeper into re-occurring issues or solve a problem they have been encountering for years, then I recommend a program of 8  sessions.

The reason for this is momentum!

If you are committed to feeling better, this may mean a release of negative programming, or reprogramming your brain and heart to be more aligned towards what you DO  want it life.    This work requires  momentum in order to embed quickly and consistency and regular coaching is important.

Ready to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about how I can assist you,   please drop me a line at for a no obligation chat.    Why not read what my clients say about me in my Coaching testimonials? 

Formally based in Sydney,   Lisa Phillips is an award winning  Life Coach based in Northamptonshire.   Due to her expertise, her work is regularly featured in the media.    Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.

To engage the award winning coach to speak at your event,  please see her Guest Speaker Page here or check out her TV Show reel on YouTube.