The Art of Allowing

Most of us have dreams or make plans for what we want in life.  However, how good are you at actually letting it in!  This is called the art of allowing?

If you are a fan of the Law of Attraction then you have probably tried visualisation techniques, goal setting goals and using positive thinking or affirmations.

However, it is all very well to ASK for what you want, but are you really allowing it in?  How much good do you expect for yourself?  How good are you at the art of allowing it in?

Are you Letting the Wellbeing in?

The art of allowing is one of the most important parts of The Law of Attraction.

You can literally set endless goals for yourself, but if you don’t believe that it is possible to achieve what you want or if you doubt that it can happen, then it simply will continue to just be a unfulfilled dream or goal. Remember, the law of attraction is always at work, so if you don’t believe it will happen – then the universe will just bring you more experiences that support that belief that it won’t happen!

You need to Trust it will Happen!

If you are a fan of facebook, I am sure you will have come across the thousands of sales pitches that offer people ‘A million dollar Coaching Business’ or ‘How to Make Millions of Dollars’ Yes, it may be fairly easy for many of us to get excitement of this idea, but how many people really believe deep down that it can actually happen for them? How many people fully expect to fulfill this desire for themselves? How many people after attending these courses actually expect to have a million dollar coaching business for themselves?

Closing the Gap

The positive feelings of hope, belief, certainty and expectation are fundamental in manifestation of your desires. It is only when you are able to really feel the expectation and the certainty of your desire becoming your reality then you have successfully closed the gap on asking for what you want and actually receiving what you want in your own hands.

For Example, Let’s say you have a goal to make $200,000. You set a goal and start to work on making it happen. Unfortunately, unless you also work on your underlying beliefs that it can or will happen for you, then it is not likely that you will be holding that $200,000 in your hand anytime soon!

The key is to ‘close the gap’ on your goal and increase the belief or expectation that you will receive it. This process will be different for each and every one of us and will depend on how much resistance we hold about fully achieving our desires or expecting to get exactly what we want in life.

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