Values are our fundamental beliefs that we live our life by.  When you align to your values, you are choosing to live a life that feels good to you, a life that feels meaningful and embodies the person you want to be.   When you align with your values,  life feels more energised, satisfying and downstream.

Understanding your own values is a fundamental part of self-awareness and getting to know yourself as a human being. Understanding what you value can help you set boundaries, be true to yourself and make better decisions.

What are your values?

The first step is to discover what your values are.  For the purpose of this blog,  we will be focussing on your personal values.   When I first identified my own values,  I asked myself the simple question ‘ What is important for me to feel on a daily basis?’

This was my personal Top 5 list:

  • Wellbeing
  • Inspired
  • Innovative
  • Integrity
  • self respect

Just by identifying important feelings,  I can easily see how these values define my behaviour.  When I am in alignment with these values and honour them,  life just feels easier as I am aligned with that is important to me.  I just feel calmer, more  creative and on track.

However, if I find I am living a life where I don’t feel innovative and inspired, this will never feel good to me. This is mis-alignment.

How to align with your values

Once you have identified your key values,  you must start to care more about feeling these emotions on a daily basis.  For example,  if I act in away that doesn’t feel like integrity,  my body will give me important feedback in the way of negative emotions.  This is mis-alignment in that I am not being true to my own values or what is important to me.

However,  if I put a boundary in place that gives me increased self respect,  this will feel good to me as I am aligning to my own personal value.

Your body really is the best compass you have and it is always giving you feedback to let you know if you are in alignment or not!

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