How to Feel Confident

How to Feel Confident

How to Feel Confident

Each and every one of us has a unique definition of what confidence personally means to us.  In this article today I will share with you some tips on How to Feel Confident.

For some, feeling confident means the ability to stand up in public and speak with ease, and for others, it may be getting naked in front of our partner or simply walking into a crowded room without feeling awkward or blushing from head to toe.
The truth is that Confidence is different for everyone.

However, not surprisingly, it is greatly influenced by our background and beliefs.

The consistent thing about confidence ( or should I say the lack of it), is that it holds us back from living the life we want to live, and it stops us feeling good about ourselves from the inside out.

A lack of confidence can prevent us for asking for that overdue pay rise, leaving work to get home to spend time with the kids or  asking a friend for a lift.  It can also cause us to avoid conflict  and turn us into doormats or people pleasers. Worst of all, it can leave us feeling inadequate and frustrated for not having the nerve to go out and do what we really want to do – or say what we wanted to say!

An interesting thing about confidence is that it is not necessarily a general characteristic that impacts every area of our life. Many people feel confident in a few areas but may struggle in a specific area. For example, you could feel confident in your relationships, but suffer from confidence at work. Others may feel that a lack of confidence is evident in all areas of their life. However, the good news is that whatever your personal confidence situation, you can improve it and importantly, it does not have to be a struggle.
The truth is that you get your confidence from YOU – Not other people and it doesn’t matter how long you have felt lacking in confidence, you can do something about it.

The Confidence Muscle

In each one of us lies a confidence muscle and it holds the key on How to Feel more confident.

Yes, your confidence muscle may have been downtrodden over the years, but it is still inside of you and nobody can take it away. Just like any other muscle, it just needs a bit of regular exercise to get it working effectively again.
We all have access to the confidence muscle and it doesn’t matter who you are or how long low self confidence has been an issue in your life, it can become string and powerful again.

Here are a few of my top tips for building up your confidence muscle:
1) Acknowledge to yourself that everyone has some degree of confidence, it may have been worn down over the years but it is still inside of you!
2) Build a strong foundation first by working on improving yourself talk. Remember, many of our thoughts are just old, outdated patterns.
3) Make a list of all the thoughts that prevent you from feeling confident. When you have finished, rip the paper into small pieces or bury it in the garden! (I know this sounds strange but the simple act of writing down your negative thoughts can help release the power they have over you)
4) Don’t do things that ‘ push you out of your comfort zone’ if they are going to scare you. Instead, if you feel anxious, learn to soothe yourself. Choose words that give you some relief from the anxiety you feel. Building confidence will come much easier when you learn to soothe and encourage yourself into a better feeling place.
5) Start a Love Journal. Every day write down something nice about yourself. Self praise increases your confidence muscle, criticism breaks it down.

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Confidence and Life Coach. Lisa appears regularly in the media and is the author of The Confidence Coach Book. Lisa shares her time between working in the UK and Australia and you can find out more about her work here /

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