Would you how to learn how to find Work Life Balance?  Are you struggling with all the expectation of your Career and Your life? Well keep on reading!

I get a lot of people come to me for Life Coaching sessions  or Confidence Coaching sessions complaining about the lack of Work Life balance in their life.   My first question is often ‘ What are you doing about it?

It is as this stage that I tend to get a huge  barrage of excuses from my Life coaching clients which often sounds a little like this:

  1. I just have too much work to do
  2. My Manager expects too much of me
  3. I just don’t have the time or energy to relax 
  4.  Every body is the same, we are all stressed at work with too much to do

You are Responsible for the lack of Work Life Balance in your life.

Ok, you probably don’t want to listen to me right now.  However, the only person responsible for Work Life Balance is YOU.   Furthermore,  the only person stopping you from having the desired amount  of Work Life Balance is YOU.  It is not your Boss.  It isn’t your Manager who stops you and it isn’t just the culture of the organisation you work for.   It certainly isn’t your work load either.  It is You.

Your Fears and Beliefs prevent your Lack of Work Life Balance.

For example.  

If you don’t leave work on time or end up staying late regularly,   the lack of balance in your career  isn’t the problem.  It is the fears that keep you working late and not leaving on time.

These could include:

  • What will people think if I leave on time?
  • I have to get all my work done or people will judge me.
  • My job is at risk if I don’t get everything done
  • People will be angry or upset with me if I don’t get all my work done
  • I don’t have the  confidence to change things

It is a Choice

The truth is that Work Life Balance is choice.  You can choose to leave work on time,  turn down extra work or spend more time with your family. The choice is yours.  However, it is our fears and negative beliefs that prevent us from claiming this right.     This is where my work as a Life Coach comes in,  I can help you release these fears and step into a life of balance and contentment.  A life where you can have the career balance you deserve and the personal life you deserve.

Negative Beliefs that cause working too hard may also include:

  • Everyone needs to approve of me – always seeking approval from other people.
  • I can’t upset anyone
  • I can’t risk people thinking bad of me
  • I need to keep everyone happy
  • Everyone else in my life is a Priority apart from me
  • What I want is not important.

Lisa Phillips,  Award Winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach

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