How to Let go of Anger


How to Let go of Anger

Do you know how to let go of anger in a healthy way? Many of us feel that we shouldn’t feel angry or see it as a ‘ negative emotion‘.   Instead we try to hide it by passive  aggressive behaviour or we decide to swallow our anger or push it down.  We would rather feel resentful!  However, learning to speak our truth and let go of our anger is beneficial not just for our body, but also in learning how to honour ourselves and be authentic.

In this blog post , we are going to give ourselves permission to get Angry and let go of anger in a healthy way!

Anger is actually a perfectly healthy emotion when channelled in a Healthy way.

Many of us are still angry at people and situations from decades ago!  However, when we store anger inside our body for long periods of time, it becomes toxic.   It can cause us to feel ill and also become resentful of other people.  It literally ‘ eat away at us‘ and we can become bitter and passive aggressive.

Therefore, learning to let go our anger is a healthy practice.   In addition,  it is also important to give your self permission to be angry!   Let’s face it, certain people in your life may have caused much hurt, sadness and upset so why not get angry about it and let of some steam in a healthy way!

The truth is, when we choose to let go of anger, we choose to release ourselves from suppressed toxic emotions and in doing so, you will give yourself some well deserved relief.

A word of Caution….

The exercise below, should not be carried out while you have a house full of people! Letting go of your anger is a personal process and you will be making lots of noise!  Therefore choose a time when you have the house to yourself and won’t be interrupted!

How to Let go of Anger exercise.

Go to your bedroom and  pick out an old pillow.  Turn on some music – the louder the better!  If you can choose an angry song, this will also be beneficial.

Now grab yourself a note book and answer the following questions:

• Who has let you down in the past?  Who do you feel resentful towards?
• Think about all the times someone has really hurt you.
• Has someone hurt you with their words, criticism or with their actions?

While you are writing down the answers, allow any feelings of anger or hurt to flood your body. Own the feelings.  Don’t try to push them down.

Now, this is where the fun starts. Continue to think and feel about all the things in your past that have hurt you, all the people who may have hurt your or made you feel angry or upset.   Give your self permission to really feel all the anger and hurt in your body.

Now turn the music up LOUD and start whacking that pillow against your bed!   No, not just gently…Go for it!

Throw and whack that pillow as hard as you can against your bed!  Keep thinking about all your hurts and pain as you continue to throw that pillow on the bed.   WHACK IT UNTIL YOU ARMS START TO ACHE AND KEEP ON GOING. WHACK AND KEEP ON WHACKING!!!!!

As you continue to do this,  your stored and suppressed anger will gradually start rise up in your body. Please don’t hold back,  let it all go!  If you cry – that’s fabulous! Let it all out! Hopefully, at the end of a good 5 minutes throwing your pillow against the bed,  you should feel a sense of relief in your body.  This is a great sign as you are literally ‘ setting yourself free’ from the anger and pain.

I know this may seem like a load of effort but this is such a simple and effective way to let go of suppressed anger.  For the best results, commit to doing this at least once a week for a month.

Think of it as getting rid of all that yucky toxic stuff out of your body. You don’t want to carry around any of their stuff now do you?

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