In the 20 years I have been working as an International Professional Speaker, Life Coach and Confidence Coach, the topic of How to Manage stress is a big favourite!

Despite all the technology and theories about stress we have available to us,  many of us are still struggling with stress, be it at work or at home.   We also struggle with stress with our finances, friendships and busy lifestyles.

The Truth about Managing Stress

Here are a few home truths about Stress:

1) Stress is not going away in our lives.
2) You can’t control stress in other people.
3) We cause our own stress in life!
4) You can’t change the stress, but you can change the way you react to it.

Try this!

Stop for a minute and ask yourself the following questions:

  • When you are running late or stuck in a traffic jam, how do you react?
    • How do you react if you make a mistake?
    • If you believe someone doesn’t like you, how do you react?
    • What do you tell yourself if your bus or train is running late?

The Truth is – We cause our own Stress!

We may believe stress is caused by something external to us – such as a busy workload, a difficult family member or a demanding boss, but the truth is, we  cause our own stress in the way that we react!  Stress is an internal process! 

Think about how you react when you are late for an appointment or you are stuck in traffic.  How do you choose to react? Do you choose how to manage your stress by chilling out or soothing yourself with kind words telling yourself that everything is ok?  Or like many of us, do your fill your mind with scary thoughts about all the bad things that could happen? Do you blame yourself and get angry?  Most of us do the latter – causing the stress in our own minds!

Remember, there is always a choice to how your Manage your stress.  You can choose to create stress in your own mind or you can choose to react to the stress in a way that feels good!

You need to care about how you FEEL!

In my work as an award winning Life Coach,  I talk about the importance of caring about how you feel. Again, if you really cared about how you feel and your emotional wellbeing, would you choose to get angry and frustrated in a traffic jam or would you choose to make the most of it and choose not to get stressed? When you choose the latter, your body will thank you for it and you never know, you may even enjoy those extra few minutes sitting in traffic! It will just feel so much better!

Leading Life Coach based in Northamptonshire

Formally based in Sydney,  Award winning Life Coach  Lisa Phillips is now based in the Northamptonshire area.  Lisa has over 20 years experience and is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.    Lisa provides face to face Life Coaching and also online or telephone Life Coaching.    Lisa’s work appears regularly in the media and she is currently the Life Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV. 

Contact  Lisa Philips today for a no-obligation chat!  Lisa also runs wellness workshops throughout the UK on topics such as Managing Stress and building resilience in the workplace.