Experiencing negative thoughts is part of being human.   However, we do have a choice to how much we allow negative thoughts to impact our life.

Many people believe that they have no control over the thoughts they think.   This is simply not true.  Negative thoughts are just habits of thinking that we have just got used to replaying over and over again.   Many of us are so used to thinking negatively, that we don’t realise that we can make a conscious decision to interrupt and improve our way of thinking.

The truth is, our negative self talk does not feel good! Think about it, when you start to think negatively, what do you feel?  The chances are it is common emotions such as resentment, hopelessness, anger or hurt.

Where do Negative thoughts come from?

The thoughts we think are as a result of our early programming.    When we are growing up, we literally soak up other peoples words and experiences and make them our own.   Did you know we only have to hear somebody say something negative about ourselves four times for us to believe it is 100% true.    As a result, there is no wonder many of us believe old negative programming such as being ‘ Not good enough, not deserving or not worthy’.

When we repeatedly hear negative thoughts about ourselves, our environment and other people, the brain literally hardwire these beliefs into our brain.    These negative beliefs then become our negative thoughts.

Re-Wiring our Brain to think more positively

The good news is that it only takes a little bit of focussed thought to reprogram our brain.  Each and everyone of us can easily learn to let go of this toxic programming and claim a new set of healthy positive beliefs.  When our beliefs change, our thoughts change and our expectations change.  Life just then feels so much better and we are more likely to experience more positive emotions such as hope, love, expectation and wellbeing.

It isn’t about changing the beliefs or trying to get rid of them.    If you really want to re wire your brain for good to be focussed on more positive thoughts, then you need to learn to soothe and encourage your existing beliefs.  It is about feeling inside of you for relief.

Confidence Coach and Life Coach.

Assisting people to find relief and move away from negative programming and beliefs is one of the key issues I cover in my coaching sessions.    I find it amazing to see my clients often only within only 2 coaching sessions let go of old toxic beliefs and programming they have been holding onto for years.

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