Most of us don’t know how to take better care of ourselves.   As a child, we may not have been  taught the importance of self care.   Therefore, as an adult, we may have  far more compassion and patience for strangers, our friends and our loved ones, than we do for our own self.  We compliment other people, admire their gifts and talents but how rarely do we say something nice about ourselves or pay ourselves a complement?

We have got so used to being our own worst enemy that we don’t even realise when we criticise ourselves or put ourselves down.  It has just become our natural way of being.  Our dominant habit.  Many of us don’t even believe we deserve our own love and kindness.   We often neglect ourselves, our time, our bodies and our self esteem.  Sadly, we often treat ourselves in the same way as we may have ( often not deliberately ) been treated by our love ones during childhood.


How to take Better Care of Yourself

When is the last time you spoke encouraging words to yourself or soothed yourself when you were upset or sad? The chances are, you are more likely to beat yourself up than build yourself up!

When did you last give yourself a pat on the back or told yourself what a fabulous person you really are? Sadly, we are more likely to compare ourselves unfavourably to other people than we are to praise our own self and see ourselves in a positive light.

Learning to treat yourself with love and respect is the highest gift you can give yourself. Surely you deserve your own love and kindness?

Here are a few of my favourite tips to Learn how to take Better care of yourself:

Remember…..You don’t have to do them all at once, just commit to doing one or two.

Action Steps:

  • Commit to learning how to treat yourself with patience and kindness. If you can just say a few nice encouraging things to yourself every day then this will start to build up that self-esteem muscle.
  • Each evening, write down 2 nice things about yourself.   Start a ‘ Self Love’ Journal.   This will help you look at yourself in a more positive light.
  • Praise yourself every time you look in the mirror. Even a ‘Well done’ for a good day at work is sufficient!  You don’t have to have run a marathon or pass an exam in order to give yourself some praise.   Praise yourself regularly for all the little things you do.
  • Treat yourself like you would a five year old child.   Listen to yourself.  Respond with encouragement and kindness.  Build up that inner child within you.
  • Give yourself compassion and encouragement.   Have compassion with yourself.  Look at yourself through eyes of compassion, not eyes of dis-like and frustration.
  • Feeling scared about something? Soothe yourself and tell yourself you will be ok and you will handle it.

Life Coach, Corby, Northamptonshire.

Lisa Phillips has over 22 years experience as a Leading Life Coach,  TV Confidence Coach and Wellness Speaker.  S

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