Identifying Your Relationship Needs

Have you ever stopped and thought about your Relationship needs?  I mean the things which are important for you to receive and feel  in your relationships?   Relationship needs  are important for us to stay healthy and empowered in relationships.

When we fail to identify and honour our relationship needs, we may find that we ‘ give away ourselves‘ in relationships .  As a result, we end up focusing more on other peoples needs than our own relationship needs.  As a  result,  we feel resentful, unloved and unappreciated.

Honouring our own needs leads to self respect, self care and good boundaries.

What are some of the basic relationship needs?

  1. Mutual reciprocal love
  2. No ambiguity
  3. The right to a relationship where you feel love and it meets your needs and expectations
  4. Feeling wanted, secure and respected
  5. Safe and secure in love
  6. Treated with love, kindness, respect and trust
  7. To give and receive attention
  8. Affection
  9. To feel listened too and heard
  10. Real authentic Intimacy
  11. Honesty, loyalty, consistency
  12. To feel like you matter
  13. The safety to disagree and not feel scared
  14. Your feelings to be validated
  15. Emotional support and Validation
  16. Share feelings that are important
  17. Love and connection, attachment, approval
  18. Companion ship, belonging
  19. Fairness and equality
  20. To feel seen

Protecting your Relationship Needs

Attending to ( and protecting)  your own relationship needs leads you to healthy authentic relationships.   Having needs is not selfish, weak, or dependent.  You have the right to take care of your own needs and importantly, not push them to the side.

To identify your own relationship needs, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are my relationship needs? What are my personal prerequisites for happiness?
  • Would you like more understanding, support or fun? Do you require more or less time together?  What about more honesty?
  • Once you’ve started discovering what your needs are, check in with yourself often. Are your needs being met right now? If not, how can you make that happen?

Northants Life Coach,  Lisa Phillips

Media Personality, wellness speaker and  Confidence Expert Lisa Phillips is based in Corby, Northants.     Lisa works with people all over the world providing Zoom / Skype Life Coaching sessions and Online courses.  Her work is regularly featured n the media. 

Lisa Phillips has over 22 years experience assisting people to feel good, increase their self esteem and grow their confidence.  As well as being a leading Life Coach, she is a qualified Counsellor,  NLP Master practitioner and inner child coach.

Her book,  ‘ The Confidence Coach’ was published in 2015 while Lisa was based in Sydney, Australia.

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