How to Cancel Plans

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Many of us worry about letting other people down and feel selfish when we cancel plans. As a result, we end up over committed and exhausted! If you are one of those people who has a diary full of work and social arrangements but has little time for yourself, then it may be time to practice a little more self care before you burn out in 2017.

Try these 5 simple tips for taking care of yourself and your social calendar:

1) Get comfortable in saying No to extra demands on your time. It doesn’t make you a bad employee or a flaky friend, it makes you someone who is honouring and prioritizing your own needs and emotional wellbeing.

2) If you are stressed out with socialising and feeling exhausted, listen to your body and give it the rest it is craving. It is good self care to cancel plans when you need to prioritise your own health and emotional needs.

3) Accept that life can be unpredictable and quit feeling beating yourself up or feeling guilty if you need to let someone down at the last minute. Ok, it is not ideal but what is the point in dragging yourself out to something you don’t really want to do? Remember, you can always reschedule at a later day.

4) If you find yourself over committing regularly and then feeling resentful that you don’t have anytime to yourself, then you may have the disease to please. Look at where you are busy keeping other people happy, at the expense of your own happiness.

5) Ask yourself if attending a social engagement is going to add to your energy or suck you dry. If it is the latter – choose to do something different which will nourish and nurture you.

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The Importance of Cancelling plans