Working with your Inner Child

In my opinion, inner child coaching is one of the most transformational processes that you learn in order to heal your own wounds, programming and negative beliefs.   It is also a beautiful process which helps to to put your head and heart into pure alignment.  Inner Child coaching ensures that you  move forward into a healthy adult without the wounds of the past holding you back.

Who is your inner child?

We all have a ‘ mini me’ or inner child inside of us.   It is the part of us that loves having fun, is creative, joyful and playful.   However, it is also the part of us that carries our wounds, hurts and misunderstanding from our past.

Just like any small child,  our inner child holds onto these negative beliefs until they are healed.  When we can’t understand why we are behaving like we do, feel stuck or can’t seem to break old patterns, this is when our inner child is in charge.  No amount of trying to convince yourself to change or positive thinking will impact the beliefs of your inner child.  We  need to work and heal him / her directly.

What is inner child coaching?

Inner child coaching is a deep yet healing process that connect you with your wounded inner child.   It requires you ( or your inner adult) to build trust with your little one so that she begins to listen to what you have to say.   Inner child coaching includes listening, loving, acknowledging, validating and finally, re-parenting your ‘ mini me’.  It can also be about assisting her to get her needs met in a healthy way.

In my Life Coaching practices,  I use a range of techniques to help you connect and heal your inner child.   Many beliefs can be healed instantly once your inner child begins to work with you and trust you.

One of my favourite mediations for working with your inner child can be found here.

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Lisa Phillips,  Northamptonshire Life Coach

Working with people all around the world,   Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach with over 22 years experience.   Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.   To find out how Lisa can help you heal your inner child,  please contact her for a no-obligation chat.

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