Inner child coaching or inner child therapy  is a technique I use during my Life Coaching sessions.

Inner child therapy is a process in particular,  assists people who as a child, may have been hurt by people or situations around them.  This  can range from being traumatised as a child, to receiving neglect, criticism, denial or feeling not good enough or unloved by a parent.

Our Inner Child

Many of us had painful experiences during childhood.    As a result, our inner child may be running on old coping mechanisms,  outdated beliefs and patterns, or may simply feel numb.

Many of the negative beliefs we still hold about ourselves and the world, are learned during our early childhood.   This is a time when our brains are not fully developed. As a result, we cannot actually work  out whether the information we believe is actually correct or not.    Our brain is literally like a sponge,  believing everything we hear.

As a result, many of the beliefs we hold about ourselves as an adult, are simply not true.   However, our ‘ Inner Child’ still holds onto these beliefs, believing they are 100% true and factual.  These beliefs stay with us throughout our adult lives.  Often, we are not conscious of the difficulties our inner child may cause us impacting our sense of self, ability to give and receive love and our ability to make rational decisions.

We may also feel ‘ torn ‘ in two – with our adult brain knowing we should feel a certain way or do something different,  but we just can’t seem to stop.   This is when our inner  child is in charge.

Using Inner Child Therapy

In Inner Child Therapy, we work on the premise that the ‘inner child’, is the part of our unconscious mind where the negative beliefs and coping mechanisms are stored.      I use a very simple structure for healing our inner child where we learn to V – Validate,  E – Educate and P – Play.

It is important throughout this process that our inner child feels loved and safe.  We work by teaching our inner child to trust first of all, and then real healing can begin.    Often this includes giving ourselves the protection, love, understanding and approval, we may not have received as a child.

Inner Child coaching or therapy is suitable for anyone – even if you had a positive childhood.  In my 23 years experience,  every little child may have unresolved issues or would have experienced hurt or pain at sometimes – maybe at school or as a teenager.

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Lisa Phillips

Previously based in Sydney, Australia,  Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach and Confidence expert.  She also trained as a counsellor while living in Australia.   Now based in Northamptonshire,  Lisa has over 23 years experience.   Please check out her Life Coaching testimonials. 

Lisa is a fully qualified Life Coach, inner child therapist and law of attraction coach.   She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.