Raising your standards means to change yourself or improve your lifestyle.   It is also about saying No to things that hold you back or no longer serve the person you are today or aspire to be in the future.

Think about your current life.   Where are you settling for less than you deserve?  Where are you putting up with people or situations which keep you small?  In what area of your life are you tolerating less than your heart’s desire?  How would you benefit from raising your standards?

Case study – Rebecca

I have been coaching Rebecca on raising her relationship standards.  Rebecca had been single for over 12 months and was keen to meet someone.   However, she often lost herself in a new relationship and found herself settling for less than she really wanted.    Occasionally, she found herself lowering her standards as she didn’t want to be alone.  When a new relationship would begin, Rebecca would frequently adjust her beliefs and values in order to please or ‘ keep’ her new partner.

Compromising your beliefs

I worked with Rebecca to set a clear intention about what she really wanted from a relationship.

By identifying her relationship needs and raising her current standards, Rebecca began to see that it was important to stop accepting less than she really wanted.  Moving forward, she also refused to settle for anyone who treated her “less than” or who she had to lower her standards for.

Although she remained single for a little longer, by raising her standards Rebecca’s self-worth increased.  She began to see herself as a person with value and to honour her own relationship choices.     She refused to compromise her own beliefs for anyone!

Keep your standards high!

In conclusion, learning to set standards or raise our standards is a form of ‘ quality control’ that leads to our own personal success and growth.   Part of this is honouring your own choices and not being swayed by other people’s opinions or outside influences.

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