The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” – Albert Einstein

So….is your world friendly?  Einstein stated this this was the most important question to ask humanity.

The good news is that you get to decide.

You can choose whether to view the world as a friendly place or to view it as a hostile place.  However, what ever you decide, will become true for you.

You get what you focus on

Many of us have been programmed to believe that the world is not a safe place.    As a result,  we have an underlying ( often unconscious belief)  that bad things will happen. 

Those of you who use the law of attraction will recognise that you get what you focus upon.    Therefore,  if you believe your world is hostile, you will keep experiencing hostile situations, experiences and people in your life.  ( over and over again!)

However, if you believe your world is friendly, you will experience a completely different world surrounded by  friendly people and experiencing situations that work in your favour.

The Coronavirus Pandemic.

During the coronavirus pandemic,  social media posts gave a clear indication of those who believed the world was hostile or friendly.

Those who believed the world was hostile often leaned towards believing Covid19  was a deliberate attempt by the government to control the  people.  In addition, they may have  aligned with one of the many conspiracy theories!

Those who believed the world was friendly,  tended to stay on their own canoe,  aiming to feel good regardless of the conditions around them.

The question is,  which point of view felt better?   Was it the conspiracy theories ( upstream) or was it trusting that things would work out ( downstream).

The same can be said for our attitude towards the world.   Fearing the world is hostile will only make you feel scared, unsafe and anxious.    However,  trusting that the universe is a friendly will bring you peace, alignment and trust.

The choice is yours!

International Confidence Expert and Life Coach.

Lisa Phillips has won four international Life Coaching awards.  She has over 22 years experience and her work is regularly featured in the media.    Lisa works from her home in Northamptonshire and also provides online Life Coaching sessions.    She works alongside several mental health charities and is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.

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