It is natural to feel negative emotions in our life.  However, how much of your life is led by being  a ‘ Glass Half Empty‘ person?

Never Beat Yourself Up!

Before I continue,  I would like to point out that even if you are a ‘glass half empty’ type of person, this should never be a reason to beat yourself up or be critical towards yourself.

Having a negative attitude or mindset often comes from our inner child.   It is an old habit or learned thinking pattern based on learned negative programming.   

These can include:

• Nothing goes right for me
• It must be too good to be true
• Things are never easy
• Something always goes wrong
• I always have problems

These old beliefs lead to negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts lead to negative expectations of life in general.

Furthermore, people who are habitually negative may have experienced many hurtful or negative experiences in their life.  Remember, we often become what we hear!

Negative Experiences

If your life is filled with negative experiences, it can be down your poor expectations of life.  For example:

• Poor expectations of life, success, joy, happiness
• A dominant belief that things to go wrong
• An expectation that life is not easy and it will be a struggle or just difficult!

Negative Outcomes

Unfortunately, life then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as negative beliefs, lead to negative thoughts. This leads to  negative expectations and results in  negative outcomes!

It is when we keep experiencing the negative outcomes that we get to exclaim even more that ‘Things never go right for me’ and ‘there is no point,’

Getting to be right and expecting negative outcomes robs us of our joy and wellbeing! It also doesn’t feel good and prevents us from moving forward and becoming confident and empowered.  As a result, we get stuck repeating the same mouldy negative patterns. ( and complaining about them!)

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