Would you like to make 2020 the year you finally let go of your old baggage?

We all have baggage! What is important though, is how much of this of baggage we continue to carry into our future – year after year!

Our baggage mainly comes from the pains of our past.   However, every time we think about our baggage,  we are bringing it into our current experience.    Something could have happened years ago, but we are still carrying it around like a huge burden.

We may have been hurt by someone,  felt let down or been betrayed.  Maybe we are still beating ourselves up or feeling guilty for something that happened years ago.  Perhaps we are doubting our abilities because our confidence was impacted by a person or situation.     Did someone put you down or criticise you and you are still feeling resentful or hurt?

The Truth about Baggage

Every time we think about our old baggage, the body and mind literally re-create the same feelings as if the incident was happening right now.   The more we focus on it, the more we continue to feel the same emotions.   The truth is, thinking about our past baggage does not make us feel good.    If you really cared about how you feel, would you want to keep regurgitating things that don’t make you feel good?

We get Stuck

If you have been trying to let go of your old baggage and have been finding it challenging, the likelihood is that you have a conflicting belief that is stopping you really moving forward.  For example,  if you want to step into a new career, new relationship or even start a new business, your thoughts and beliefs must be aligned.   However, if you have a conflicting belief around rejection, failure or even not being good enough, this will hold you back and you will feel unable to move forward and stuck!

Let go of your baggage!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could free yourself of this old baggage? How great would it feel if you could move forward leaving these old restrictive and negative beliefs and emotions behind?

Here are a few tips:

1) Write an honest list of the baggage you are carrying around.

This may include your past hurts, experiences and feelings.   Don’t try to justify what you write down. Just let the feelings come up.

2. Forgive Yourself

If you have identified anything that you still feel ‘ bad about’ ,   choose to let this go.  Write yourself a forgiveness letter.   Remember, you were always doing the best that you could with the resources that you had at the time.

3. Find at least one positive in each hurtful experience/situation.

When you look to find a few positives  in any hurtful situation, you take back your power.  What did you learn from this situation?  Did it make you a better person? What extra knowledge did you gain?

4. Soothe and Encourage yourself

When you start to feel or remember your baggage,  allow the feelings to rise to the surface.   Then, reach for soothing and encouraging words.   Find relief from these old emotions by focussing on any thought that gives you relief.  Here are a few phrases that you can try.

5. Let it go!

After writing your list,  burn it or bury it in your garden.  Acknowledge this all happened in the past and you are no longer the same person.  Choose to move forward with love, rather than look back with pain.   Care enough about how you feel to move forward.  When we take the time to identify and understand our baggage and making a conscious decision to let go, we free ourselves to experience life in a richer, deeper and more authentic way.

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