Lisa Phillips – Life Coaching Biography

With over 22 years’ experience,  Lisa Phillips is a leading confidence, resilience and wellbeing
facilitator, Life coach and guest speaker. Lisa is also a qualified Counsellor, Career Coach, inner child coach  and NLP Master Practitioner.     Lisa  also trained as a counsellor in Australia.

Lisa founded ‘Amazing Coaching’ in 2000 while living in Sydney, Australia. A former Internal Auditor
working across 15 countries for a UK multinational company, Lisa has also held Management roles in
Training, Staff Engagement and Communication in the UK, Singapore and Australia.

Now residing in the UK, Lisa is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.  Due to her expertise, her work is
regularly featured on TV, Radio and a wide range of business and lifestyle magazines.

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She is also the current Confidence expert on The Love Destination TV. 

Life Coaching Awards

In 2014 / 2015 Lisa was awarded three Stevie Awards for her work as a Life coach assisting people
with their confidence and emotional wellbeing.  In 2020, she was awarded a Midlands enterprise award for her Confidence and self esteem packages.

What makes Lisa stand out from other professionals in her field is her leading edge ‘ value adding’
techniques, engaging personality and the unique style of warmth and vivacity in which she delivers
her work. Her high energy, depth of knowledge and great sense of humour builds rapport and trust
easily, making the process of change fun, sustainable, realistic and hugely beneficial to everyone

Lisa offers a range of Life and Confidence coaching services which can be taken face to face or via Zoom, Skype or phone. Each Life coaching session lasts for 1 hour. After each session, Lisa wills work with you to set ‘ homework’ to
complete between sessions to ensure changes are embedded quickly and easily.

Please see Lisa’s website ( for testimonials, full list of clients etc.

You can download a copy of Lisa’s Life Coaching biography here. Lisa Phillips – Coaching Bio_

Sample Testimonials.

Lisa has had a profound effect on my life. When I first saw Lisa I was a stressed out executive
really struggling to keep it together in my corporate role. Lisa helped me create a vision of what I
wanted out of my working life and set me on the journey of achieving it. Lisa helped me realise
that you can achieve whatever you want to and supported me to move in that direction – thank
you Lisa, you are truly AMAZING xxx Tara

Having suffered with depression for the past 40 years and having seen countless doctors,
counsellors, psychologist s, mental health centres and self-help readings, I decided I needed to
engage a Life Coach. Lisa Phillips came to me (through Internet searching) and I engaged her
services that had an immediate effect on me and my teenage son as we undertook confidence
practice together. Twelve 12 months on my guiding path is the skills I learnt with Lisa.
Lisa helped me to find `me’ and in turn, helped those who I love. Adrian

You know what though Lisa? I finally get it!!! Omg it’s like the “ah haa” moment I have been
waiting for.. It’s not so much what’s happened to me, it’s more what’s happening IN me..
I have blamed circumstances outside of my control for why I’m different, men leave,just not the
right guy bla bla and while some of that is partly true it’s me that will change it. Thank you, thank
you, thank you for making that clear I am so excited to know I will fix it and I am not broken or
unlucky bla bla what rubbish!. Amanda