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Achieve what your really want in your life with an expert personal Life Coach

Would you like some assistance in feeling good, achieving your desires or releasing old negative patterns of behavior? . Do you feel stuck or frustrated with yourself or your life? Having your very own personal Life Coach will support you in achieving the outcome you are searching for in a supportive, nurturing and inspirational environment.

Using proven methods and leading edge techniques, your tailored coaching session will empower you, increase your self-belief and self esteem and have you moving into the direction of how you really want your life to look and feel like. Lisa Phillips, Life Coach will also assist you in releasing old destructive patterns and behaviours leaving you feeling spring cleaned and with a healthy set of positive belief systems and self-caring actions. Confidence and Life Coaching will also assist you to let go of resentments, part hurts and develop exciting new skills and practices to deal with any issues or negative beliefs which may be keeping you stuck or holding you back.

Life Coaching can be used in any area of your life including emotions, happiness, career, wealth, social, goal setting, confidence and self esteem, health and family issues.

Using a positive forward focus, well-formed outcomes and the leading edge techniques that have led to her being an renowned expert in her field, UK based Life Coach Lisa Phillips will tailor each session to your personal needs and work with you to create‘action steps’ for you to complete between each coaching session. This ensures your changes are embedded quickly and you start to feel great straight away! Sessions can be taken face to face, over the phone or on Skype and handouts are also included in all sessions with your Life Coach. Please note that Lisa does not tie you into any long term programs and you can choose a single session or a package of 5 sessions. It is really up to you!

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