If you have heard Lisa Phillips speak on a cruise ship, conference, or wellbeing day  you  may have heard her share her trademark adage on  ‘ Why your Life is like a Flowing Stream’

The ‘ Your Life is Like a Flowing Stream‘ philosophy is very simple.

Imagine you are sitting in a canoe in a lovely flowing stream.  The canoe represents your Life.  You have a choice where to take your canoe each and every day.  You can take your canoe upstream or downstream. 

The flowing stream represents your emotions.   Your emotions give you feedback on whether you are feeling good or feeling bad! 

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Think about it – when a canoe is  upstream, it feels like a struggle and hard work.   You also don’t get very far!  You will probably end up exhausted as well, feeling stuck and just going around in circles.

Going up Upstream in your Canoe, will trigger negative emotions.  These may include fear, worry, beating yourself up, doubting yourself or anxiety.  Unfortunately , many of us live the majority of our life upstream and it doesn’t feel good!

The truth is, we don’t really care about our own stream of personal wellbeing.  Most feelings of depression and anxiety are actually a result of living life upstream for far too long!

What happens when you take your canoe Downstream?

It’s easy! When you take your canoe downstream, you simply let go of the oars.  It feels so much better and you allow the momentum of the stream take you in the direction you desire.

Downstream is where you experience positive emotions such as hope, fun, happiness and confidence.

When you are downstream,  the Law of Attraction kicks in to give you everything that you desire.  Downstream is where you care more about how you feel.

Where do you take your Canoe each Morning?

When you wake up each morning, where does your Canoe go?  Do you take your canoe upstream or downstream? Do you wake up beating yourself up and feeling bad, or do you wake up with positive momentum? 

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