Why Your Life is Like a Flowing Stream

Why Your Life is Like a Flowing Stream

Why Your Life is Like a Flowing Stream

If you have heard Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips speak at a conference, wellbeing day or attended one of her confidence workshops, you will have heard her talk about ‘ Why your Life is like a Flowing Steam’

Lisa first came across this adage while attending a seminar by Abraham Hicks and has amended this philosophy for all things self esteem and confidence related.

The adage is simple.   Imagine you are in a canoe in a lovely flowing stream.  This stream is an emotional steam and you have a choice every minute as to whether you choose to go upstream or downstream.

What happens when you take your canoe upstream?

It’s a struggle, hard work and you don’t get very far!  You will probably end up exhausted as well, feeling stuck or just going round in circles. Upstream actually represents negative emotions such as fear, doubt or anytime you are cruising or beating yourself up.   Unfortunately , many of us live our lives in a upstream way.  We have just got used to feeling negative and don’t really care about own stream of personal wellbeing.

What happens when you take your canoe Downstream?

It’s easy! You let go of the oars and let the momentum of the stream take you in the direction of your desires. This is where you experience positive emotion such as hope, fun, happiness, confidence and of course you feel Frisky! This is where the Law of Attraction kicks in to give you everything that you desire.  Downstream is about caring about how you feel and learning to move yourself from upstream into downstream.

Why your Life is like a flowing stream – Lisa speaking on Royal Caribbean International.

In this short video,  Northants Motivational speaker and Wellness speaker Lisa Phillips talks about Why your life is like a flowing stream during a workshop she ran for Royal Caribbean International.



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