Lisa in the Media – Breathe Magazine

It has been a busy month for Lisa in February 2018  as she has had three articles sharing her Life Coaching expertise featured in the UK Media!

As well as Health and Fitness Magazine and In the Moment Magazine,  award winning Life Coach Lisa Phillips has also had her expertise featured in Breathe Magazine.

 Breathe Magazine is the original mindfulness magazine for a calmer and more relaxed you. It is a body-and-soul guide to a happier, healthier life and includes 5 sections – wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escape – with the aim to “make more time for yourself”.

Each issue includes beautiful illustrations, craft projects, and inspiring features such as how to achieve relief from stress, increase resilience and find greater happiness.

In the latest Edition,  Lisa shares her expertise about How to Stop the Habit of being a People Pleaser.  For many of us, the desire to be liked runs deep.  However, if you find yourself subjugating your own needs and opinions for the fear of losing approval of friends and colleagues, then the chances are yours is coming at too high a price.

Breathe Magazine is on sale on 8th February 2018.

Breathe Magazine