Lisa Phillips,  founder of Amazing Coaching was delighted to be asked to be a guest on BBC Look East.  Look East is the name of two separate BBC regional television news programmes for the East of England made by the BBC.

The award winning Life Coach appeared on a live feed from her home in Northamptonshire on April 1 2020.   During the interview,  Lisa was asked to give several of her tips to support people in the local area during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Interview with Lisa Phillips

The interview focussed on three key emotional areas that people are struggling with during the Coronavirus outbreak.

These were as follows:


Many people are struggling with the uncertainty right now.   A lot of things are out of our control.  People are stuggling with the uncertainty of their income, careers, children and their future.    Lisa’s tips included:

  1. Try and sit with the uncomfortable feeling of being uncertain.   Relax into the fact that things will become clear over time.   Aim to reassure yourself and let go of the need to control outcomes.   Rather than relying on other people to reassure you,  ( including the media!) find some soothing phrases to reassure  yourself.   A good way to do this is to reassure yourself as if you were a small child.    For example, soothe yourself using phrases such as ‘ Even though I am unsure of what is happening,  it will all unfold and I will be ok’ and ‘ I will be safe, I have handled uncertain situations before and come out the other end ok


It is perfectly normal to feel fearful and stressed at the moment.   However, many people are struggling with reoccurring anxious thoughts.   The former Sydney based Life Coach suggested that:

  1. Try to slow down your anxious thoughts.    They can get so fast that it feels like a fast moving train in your mind.   If you can slow down your self talk, it will help you to feel better.    Here are some examples of simple soothing phrases to help with your anxiety and slow down your thoughts.

Tap into your Happiness Stream

Many of us are unable to leave the house.  However, you may not be able to go outside, but you can find happiness within you.    Try these tips:

  1. Write a list of 10 things you can do that make you happy.    Focus on doing things that make you feel good, even if you are stuck inside.    What makes your heart sing?  What hobby can you still do while you are at home?  For more details on your happiness stream, please see here.

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