Over the past few weeks,  I have had the pleasure of running a two hour Mental Health Training session for a large secondary school in the Peterborough / Cambridge area.   This was followed by facilitating  a three day Train the Trainer course for Teachers and Teaching assistants on behalf of the  YMCA Trinity Group.

YMCA  Group.

If you are familiar with my work, you may know that I freelanced as a Senior Trainer for the YWCA in Sydney, Australia. Now I have returned to the Northamptonshire area,  I also freelance as a Lead Trainer for the YMCA!

The YMCA Trinity Group offer a fabulous range of Mental Health Training Courses around Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and other local counties.   They offer a wide range of services.   Some of the Education Mental training that I am engaged to facilitate include:

  • Mental Health in the Classroom
  • Resilience Training
  • Dealing with Anxiety and Depression
  • Self Harm
  • Sexual Health in the Classroom
  • Risk Taking Behaviour

These low cost training workshops are designed to help teachers and schools gain an overview and understanding of how children can develop mental health issues and how to best assist them.   For more details, please see YMCA Trinity Group. 

Mental Health is a hot topic!

Unfortunately, if we don’t get the early intervention to assist with mental health issues as a child,  we may just continue with our mental health issues into adulthood.

As a result,  I also offer a wide range of Mental Health workshops and Training  which are available to adults.    These workshops are for organisations or groups who may wish to assist their members or employees to increase their mental health. Each workshop includes practical steps to assist people to empower themselves and take responsibility for improving their overall emotional mental health.

Each workshop is tailored to each audience.  An example of topics covered include:

  • Dealing with Bullies
  • Improving mental health at work
  • Building a resilient workforce
  • How to increase your Self Esteem
  • Managing your stress ( before it manages you)
  • Learn to be your own best friend
  • How to be happy at work.
  • Tips to relieve anxiety and depression

Lisa Phillips

To find out more about how I can assist you or your organisation to increase Mental Health, why not contact me for a no obligation chat?   Please also see my Trainer Testimonials here.

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach, Guest Speaker and Trainer.  Lisa has over 20 years experience and is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’.     Lisa has worked with over 150 organisations world wide on Mental Health Training  and Wellness Initiatives.


Lisa Phillips, Qualified Life Coach