Are you a brand new Life Coach who would benefit from Mentoring from Award winning International Life Coach Lisa Phillips?

As a Leading Life Coach with 22 years experience,  I am highly skilled in mentoring Life Coaches who may have difficulty gaining clients, or just don’t have the confidence to launch their own business.

It is really common for Life Coaches to complete their Life Coaching Qualifications  and then give up.  As a result, there are a large amount of newly qualified Life Coaches who may struggle to gain new clients and grow their business.  This can be frustrating as they may have spent a large amount of money on a professional training courses!

I get lots of newly qualified Coaches reach out to me for mentoring.  It is something I really enjoy as we need more qualified and professional  Life Coaches in the world!

Common Mentoring Topics include:

  • How do I get new Clients?
  • Do I need to  market myself in the Life Coaching industry?
  • How do I choose and promote my niche?
  • The Coaches own lack of belief in themselves / Valuing their products and services
  • Setting up and maintaining a successful Business. How to set up and maintain a successful Business
  • Websites, Marketing and PR.  ( Please check out my Media Page)
  • Pricing your Life Coaching sessions
  • Getting a Coaching Book Published

How does Mentoring for Life Coaches work?

You can choose to have just one or several mentoring sessions with me.   Each mentoring session will be tailored to your unique situation and requirements.    It will literally be a ‘ Power Hour’  where I can help you move forward. All Mentoring for Life Coaches takes place via Skype or Zoom.

What to do now?

Don’t let your qualification go to waste – contact me for more information about how I can assist you.