Merry Christmas from Amazing Coaching UK

May you all have a joyful and Frisky Christmas!  I would like to personally take this opportunity to wish you and your family a wonderfully Frisky Christmas and Happy New Year from Amazing Coaching UK ! 

This has been a huge year for me including setting my business here in the UK  from Australia and also relocating back to Northamptonshire to be near friends and family.

I must admit, the first few months have been rather challenging!  In Australia, I was very well known as an award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach so it has taken a little bit of flowing downstream and getting into my vortex in order to build up the business in the UK.

However, the good news is that things are unfolding perfectly and I am now very satisfied with the work that is coming my way.   As I like to say to my coaching clients – all is well and the universe can always see the bigger picture even if we can’t!  We just have to learn to trust that everything is working out perfectly.

With 2018 shortly upon us,  I have some great opportunities lined up including:

  1. Guest speaker on Princess Cruises
  2. Guest speaker at the Mindful Festival in Manchester
  3. Media opportunities lined up both in the UK, Australia and UAE
  4. Continuing to work with clients all over the world via Skype building Confidence 
  5. Several wellbeing workshops planned in UK Organisations

So finally,  a huge THANK you everyone I have met during 2017 and before who has assisted me both personally and professionally.

My wish for you all in 2018 is to finally realise how magnificent, powerful, worthy, loved and deserving you truly are.  Actually, not just realise it with your head but also know it 100% in your heart!

Merry Christmas from Amazing Coaching UK

With love

Lisa Phillips

Award winning Life and Confidence Coach

Author of The Confidence Coach

Merry Christmas from Amazing Coaching UK