It is always a good feeling when I get a book review of The  Confidence  Coach book.  It gives me great satisfaction that people enjoy my book and also, are feeling a lot better about themselves once they read it.

After all, that is why I work as a Confidence Coach and Life Coach,  I love assisting people to feel better about themselves and stop beating themselves up!

Recently,  I submitted my book for review on a website called Mumspiration.   There are lots of websites for Mums out there,  but I particularly liked the tone of this site as it is written by Mum of 4 Misbah Akhtar who is genuinely honest about the ups and downs of being a mum.    Mumspiration is Misbahs personal journey and her self transformation into a happier, healthier and more positive parent.

Mumspiration Review of The Confidence Coach Book

You can read the full review here but here is  few of my favourite paragraphs of the review!

Phillips looks at confidence as a muscle inside our minds that needs to be built up in order to achieve maximum efficiency. She reminds us that confidence is internal and from the value we give ourselves rather than coming from other people. Using examples of real clients, Philips breaks down where negative self belief comes from via negative programming. This is in the first section of the book that looks at building up key foundations for long – term confidence. It covers negativity and learning how to value yourself, counteracting the excuses we make for ourselves and my personal favourite: taking back power.

I love this! It doesn’t brush off the fact that there are parts of my body that I dislike and therefore validates me. Yet despite that it empowers me by saying I am still worthy of acceptance, because (say it with me now) self worth is not determined by your physical self or materialistic gain. You are worthy because you are alive! That’s quite profound! Our bodies do so much for us on a daily basis, and truthfully, we aren’t nearly as grateful as we should be for that!
Throughout reading The Confidence Coach I have felt like Lisa Phillips has been speaking to me personally – like I have my very own coach in front of me. This book has helped me to feel more confident about myself and my future at a time when I really needed to hear some kind words. It’s an amazing book and an investment in yourself. It’s the first step towards loving yourself by helping yourself to heal and be kinder to your soul. I promise you, you won’t regret buying it!

The Confidence Coach book is available in paper back or ebook version and you can grab your copy on Amazon or direct from the publisher here 

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