My Personal Journey into Confidence

As the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ and an award winning Life Coach and Confidence expert, one of the first questions people often ask me is ‘ Have you always been a confident person?’

The short answer is NO!

The Truth!

My own Personal Journey into Confidence included the following experiences:

  • Being bulled at School
  • Being bullied at Work
  • Spending 5 years in an emotionally abusive relationship
  • A painful Divorce
  • A belief system which was filled with negative beliefs such as :
  1. Not feeling loveable
  2. Feeling Not good enough
  3. Never feeling enough
  4. Being a huge people pleaser!
My Personal Journey into Confidence

In this short video of myself being a guest speaker on Royal Caribbean Cruises, I share my Personal Journey into Confidence.

Currently based in Northamptonshire,  Life Coach Lisa Phillips has over 18 years experience.  Her work is regularly featured in the media.  Lisa has won   several awards for her work in assisting people feel confident.  To find out more, please see