My Personal Journey into Confidence

As a Northants Based Life and Confidence Coach with over 18 years experience,  the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’   and a regular  wellness expert in the media,  people often generally believe that I was one of those lucky people who was naturally born with bags of confidence!  However,  nothing could be further from the truth!

The reality is that I was actually one of those shy awkward geeky kids at school.  I was bullied at school, bullied in the work place by my manger and also spent over 5 years in an abusive relationship.   It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with depression that I stared my own personal journey into confidence!  It was at this point that I recognised that the common denominator in all of my experiences was myself. Therefore, if I wanted to feel better and be a more confident person, it was really up to me!

My personal Journey into Confidence.

In this video clip below of myself  speaking on Royal Caribbean cruises, I share my own personal journey into confidence and a person with high self esteem.  I hope you enjoy it and remember, it doesn’t matter how long you have struggled with confidence, you can learn to be a more confident and assertive person!


Formally based in Sydney, Australia,  Lisa Phillips is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ .   Lisa has over 18 years experience as a Life Coach and has won several awards for her leading edge techniques.  Lisa is also a highly popular professional speaker and wellness workshop facilitator.   Her work features regular in the media.  Lisa works with individuals and organisations helping them to feel empowered, confident and happy.  Please see or for more details or contact Lisa for a no obligation chat at [email protected]