Are you ready to create a New You in the New Year?

January is often the time where we begin to make New Years Resolutions to change something in our lives.  However,  take a few minutes to look over the past 12 months,   did anything REALLY change?  Did you life get better?  Do you really love your life?

Ok, we had a pandemic to deal with,  but did you create a New you or are you just tolerating the same old emotions, regurgitating your life year in year out?    What patterns or stories have you been carrying around for years on end?

New Year, New You.

The truth is, we can create a new reality  every minute of the day.  We always have a choice.  However, it can be difficult to change if you don’t know how!  Old programming and negative beliefs can really keep us stuck.  We may want to change in our heads, but our body and negative beliefs keep us stuck.    As a result, nothing changes and we continue to regurgitate our life.

What dreams do you feel are out of your reach?  What emotions keep you stuck?   What would you like to release from your life that no longer serves you?  What is your hearts desire that you keep ignoring or pushing down?

I urge you to make this New Year,  the New You.     Give yourself the favour of prioritising yourself and create a life that you really love.      Give yourself the gift of freedom from negative emotions.

Give Yourself the gift of a Life Coach

I had my first Life Coaching session 24 years ago.   To be honest,  I didn’t really know much about what Life Coaching was but I am so glad I took that first leap.    At the time,  I had recently been divorced, was in a toxic relationship and dealing with a toxic boss.   Thanks goodness I decided to get some help!

I am not trying to sell you my services, but I do want you to have an amazing life.   Watching people transform into an authentic person that they really like is my passion.      I just love watching my life coaching clients move from struggle to thriving,  letting go of their negative beliefs and programming.

If you are ready to care more about how you feel and give yourself the gift of a life you love,  why not contact me today for a no obligation chat?  Also, please check out what my clients say about working with me at my Life Coaching Testimonials. 

All Life Coaching and Confidence Coaching sessions can be taken face to face ( Business Premises in Corby, Northants) or via Zoom, Skype and Phone.

Group Online Life Coaching courses are also available.

Corby Life Coaching

With over 22 years experience,  Lisa Phillips is the founder of    She is the author of The Confidence Coach book and her work features regularly in the media.       Lisa is the current Confidence Coach on The Love Destination TV.