I was really delighted to be notified that my book ‘ The Confidence Coach’ has been selected for Kettering and Northamptonshire General hospital Leadership Book Club in March 2023.

The Confidence Coach Book

One of the questions I am often asked is ‘ Why did I write The Confidence Coach?.  So let me share a little about my personal journey into writing this book.

I began my own journey into Life Coaching over 23 years ago.  Unlike other Life coaches,  I never wanted to specialise in areas such as Leadership, Health or Executive coaching.  Once qualified, I knew that Confidence and Self Esteem were to be my specialist topics.  I also had a strong desire to  gain a reputable book publisher, as opposed to self publishing.

Why Confidence?

Confidence actually chose me….. simply because from an early age I lacked self esteem and self confidence.

I was bulled at school,  was on the receiving end of a toxic manager in my first role  in Australia and in addition, have experienced several toxic partners!

I remember coming to the realisation that there was one common denominator in all of my ‘ problems’ and that person was me!!   It was at that point I started my own journey into Confidence and in particular, identifying the beliefs and patterns that prevent so many of us claiming our inner authentic confidence.

Over the years,  I have worked with thousands of people supporting them to find their own confidence, not the confidence society dictates we have, but their own authentic inner confidence.   Amongst others, this may include:

  1. Being ok with being an introvert – accepting this rather than trying to change in order to meet other peoples expectations
  2. Having the real confidence to really like who you are, even if other people don’t like you.
  3. Aligning to your own emotions – not dismissing them or failing to listen to your own body
  4. Caring more about how you feel
  5. Learning to soothe and reassure your own fears and worries
  6. Approving of self rather than seeking external validation from others
  7. Speaking up in order to share how you feel and letting go of the disease to please.
  8. Knowing what you will / will not accept and acting on it
  9. Honouring your own needs and taking steps to honour these needs through setting good boundaries
  10. Prioritising your own self


The Book

I decided to write ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book as I realised that although every one of us is unique and different,  re-occurring themes  came up when coaching on the topic of authentic confidence.   I wanted the book to be one of those books you just didn’t read from cover to cover, but also a useful guide to those times were we all need a little bit of confidence wisdom.

That is why I wrote the book in two key sections:

  1. Healing the past and anything which holds us back from feeling confident
  2. Specific advice for challenging areas such as toxic people, career confidence and body confidence.

As a huge fan of the law of attraction,  I then manifested Exile Publishing to publish my book and it launched n March 2015 firstly in Australia, then the rest of the world.

Therefore, many years later,  i am still delighted that I get opportunities to discuss how this book has changed peoples lives for the better.

Why not grab yourself a copy either in paper back or download onto your kindle?

Lisa Phillips,  International award winning Life Coach and Confidence expert.

If you would like to find out more about Confidence coaching with me, or perhaps have me speak at your event,  please contact me for a no-obligation chat.