In April, I was booked to run several workshops for Northamptonshire’s Learning for Life Trust Teacher Training Day. However, due to lockdown, sadly this was not happen physically!

I love running wellness workshops for teachers or anyone in the education sector.   I always find teachers and their support staff are always a great audience.  Due to their hard work,  they are sadly in desperate need for some self care, nourishing and practical wellness techniques.

I must admit,  I spent six weeks as a lecturer.  In that short space of time I felt stressed and exhausted – Never again so I take my hat off to our Teachers and Education Staff!

Teacher Training Days

Over my 21 years experience as a leading TV  Life Coach, Confidence Expert and Guest speaker , I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing schools, universities and child care centres.    I have also been guest speaker at many large Education conferences in Sydney, Australia.   One of the highlights of my career was also designing and facilitating a wide range of workshops to encourage mature students to attend The University of Western Sydney.

More recently, I also freelance as a  Lead Trainer for the YMCA Trinity Group ( Peterborough, Cambridgeshire) delivering Mental Health in the Classroom workshops.

These are often facilitated during Teacher Training Days.

Back to the Northamptonshire Learning for Life Trust………..

Obviously, due to lock down, it was no longer possible for me to run the wellness workshops on the Teacher Training day in April 2020

However, the good news is, we came up with a workable solution and we went online!

 Online Wellness Workshops

My original speaker engagement in Northamptonshire was for three hours. However, in my opinion, this is far too long for an online workshop.   As a result,  it was decided that to organise 2 x 45 minute workshops on:

  1. How to be Your Own best friend
  2. Building Resilience

Both workshops are practical, engaging and very relatable for our hard working education staff.

Using my Zoom software, I was able to record both sessions.  A hard copy of the workshops was given to the Finedon school to place on their shared drive.   The second version I placed on my YouTube channel.   As this was a private workshop, it was only visible to staff in the Northamptonshire Education Trust.

The Good News….

I received several fabulous  recommendations from staff who attended the online workshops.   I was so pleased to hear that despite the lockdown,  we could still connect!

Even after the lockdown, I will continue to offer online wellness workshops.  They are perfect for any organisation who has remote workers or those that do shift work.

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