Award winning International  Northants Life Coach Lisa Phillips has been selected to speak on P&O cruises.    After attending an audition in  at Carnival House  ( Southampton), the  author, speaker and Life Coach Lisa Phillips will be taking her first speaking engagement with the company in April 2019.

A regular Cruise Ship Speaker.

Prior to moving back to Northants,  the award winning Life Coach has been engaged to speak on several other cruise lines including Princess Cruises,  Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean.    Many of these cruises departed from Sydney Australia where Lisa was based for over 20 years.   It was here she founded her company

Northants Life Coach.

Lisa has now returned to the UK and is based in Corby, Northants.    She also provides Skype Life Coaching across the UK and internationally.

Lisa has been coaching for over 20 years and is also a qualified Counsellor.  She is the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ book.   

The award winning Personal Coach specialises in Confidence and Self Esteem Coaching.    She is also a qualified Career Coach, Life Coach and Business Coach.  While based in Sydney,   Lisa won several awards for her Life Coaching work including four Bronze Stevie awards for ‘ Coach of the Year‘ and also for her working assisting women to feel confident and increase their self belief.    Her expertise is regularly featured in both the Australian and UK Media.

She is currently the confidence coach on the Love Destination TV channel.

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