This is the third blog in our series of Inner Child Healing.   This week is is all about the importance of learning to play with your inner child.

Your Responsible Inner Child

So many of us grew up far too fast.  As a result, your playful inner child learned to take on the adult role.

You may have learned that it was not safe to let out the playful side of you or had to take on adult responsibilities at a young age.  Maybe you had to take care of a parent. look after your siblings or  had to learn very early to take care of your own self.

You may have learned to be super responsible as a way to feel appreciated, important  or loved.

While growing up, our inner child takes on a range of coping mechanisms in order to get their important needs met.

Validating and Educating your Inner Child

In the 23 years I have been working as a Confidence expert,   I have discovered many wounded inner children do not want to let go of being over responsible.   It helps them feel safe and secure in the world.    However, as your learn to Validate and Educate your inner child,  you  need to let go of unhealthy coping mechanisms.  This will allow you to step into the adult role,  taking care of your own life without the hurt and interference of a wounded inner child.

If you have followed the earlier blogs, you will know the importance of first validating your inner child.  Only when this step is complete, should you move into re-educating your inner child.

By this stage, your inner child will have learned to listen and trust you.   They should have also learned that they do not have to continue with their childhood coping mechanisms.     Although this process can be completed on your own,  I do recommend engaging an expert to assist you.  Inner Children can be so hurt they may not want to converse with you!

Allowing your Inner Child to Play.

The final step is to allow our inner child to be the playful, creative child they are – rather than taking on adult responsibilities.    Can you allow them to feel freedom, joy and have fun for simply themselves?  Could you allow the silly part of your to come out and play rather than the responsible you?

I have also found it useful to give your inner child permission to play.   If they try to get involved in ‘ adult work’ simply connect with your inner child and let them know you are taking care of this.   Tell them to go and play – allow them to step away of being the responsible one.

Ideas to Play with your inner child

  1. Ask your inner child what they want to do today to play
  2. Take up a dance class or just dance around the house to your favourite music
  3. Do some colouring in or paint a fun picture
  4. Eat a food that your inner child loved to eat during childhood
  5. Dream more!    Children love to dream big so allow yourself to dream more, visualise more and imagine the life you want to create.
  6. Watch a fun Disney movie

What ever you choose to do with your inner child,  allow yourself to feel the feeling of fun, joy and freedom.  It may have been a long time since you opened the doors to these high vibrational emotions.

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