The need to struggle in life, whether it is struggling with your finances, struggling with relationships or struggling in your career is a normal occurrence for many of us.

Many of us even view the struggle as part of the process to achieving something that we want!  In fact,  we don’t expect to succeed unless there is some struggle included.   We simply expect to struggle!

The Negatives of Struggling.

Despite what you may believe,  there really isn’t any need to struggle to achieve anything! This is an outdated idea!   When you struggle, you take your canoe upstream.   For those who may not be familiar with my work, I liken your life to be like a canoe on a floating stream.   The stream symbolises your emptions.

Think about it,  what happens when you take a canoe upstream?   It doesn’t feel good as you are going against the waters natural current.   You body tells you that you are going upstream  as you will experience negative emotions such as fear, frustration, worry and struggle.   Plus the fact it is also exhausting!

However, there is a much easier way.   It is much easier and feels much nicer to guide your canoe downstream.  When a canoe floats downstream,  you experience positive emotions such as ease, joy, and fun!

Law of Attraction

If you trust in the law of attraction, you will also recognise that struggle just brings you more things to struggle about.  However, if you trust in the process, encourage yourself,  and most of all, let go of the struggle( or the oars on your canoe) you will start to allow more positive emotion to flow to you.    You will also flow downstream towards everything you want in life.   The truth is, nothing you want is upstream!

Have you been struggling to get what you want?

If you find yourself frustrated that you just can’t make any progress in a certain area of your life,  then the chances are you are struggling to get it.  Struggling in your self talk, struggling in your emotions and struggling to achieve the outcome you desire.   The key is to give up the struggle and allow yourself to have what you want.

Give up the Struggle

What would it take for you to believe that you can give up the need to struggle?  Would you need to trust that everything you want is available to you without the struggle? Could you expect to get what you want by flowing downstream to your warehouse ( or everything you have ever wanted?) rather than have to struggle to get it?

Could you accept that you don’t have anything to prove and you are entitled to get what you want?

Could you accept that there is an easier way and it is downstream!

TV Confidence Coach -Lisa Phillips

Often using her upstream / downstream analogy,   Award winning Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips supports her clients to reclaim their authentic self, feel really good and create what they really want in life.

Lisa has over 21 years experience as a Life Coach, Counsellor and Confidence expert.   Previously based in Sydney, Australia,  Lisa is now based in Northamptonshire.   However, she provides online Life Coaching to clients all over the world.      Her work as a Life Coach is frequently featured in the Media and she is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.

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