Award Winning Confidence Expert Lisa Phillips was delighted to be interviewed on ‘ Cultivating Confidence’  on The Love Lessons Radio Show today!

The Love Lessons show is produced and presented by Sarah Louise Ryan.   Sarah is an outstanding  London Dating Expert, Radio Presenter, International Matchmaker and Dating Coach.  She offers a wide range of services including date coaching, singles events and dating and relationship coaching.

The Love Lessons Podcast

The Love Lessons Podcasts show cases Life Coaches and Relationship experts from around the world.  Topics which have been covered in previous shows have included relationship confidence, online dating, building confidence and dealing with breakups.

The show is produced on the Women’s Radio Show Platform in London.  The radio and podcast platform is dedicated to supporting women’s wellbeing.

Cultivating Confidence!

In this 60 minute interview,  Northants Life Coach and Confidence Expert Lisa shared her tips on building confidence from the inside out.   The interview included segments on:

1) What does confidence look like in a relationship?
2) In the modern world of dating what can affect confidence and what can be some of the pitfalls of dating too early after a breakup.
3) How can singles overcome lacking in confidence

You can listen to the full podcast on cultivating confidence here. 

Confidence Coaching with Lisa Phillips

The author of The Confidence Coach, Lisa Phillips has over 20 years experience as a Leading Confidence Expert and Life Coach.  Her expertise is regularly featured in the media. 

The award winning Life Coach is also the current Confidence Expert on ‘ The Love Destination‘ TV .  She has also won several international awards for her leading edge confidence techniques.

To discover how Lisa can help you increase your confidence and self esteem, please contact her for a no obligation chat.

Lisa is currently based in Northamptonshire but works with clients internationally via Skype and Online coaching. She also provides Career Coaching and Interview Coaching.