Did you know that Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is also an experienced public and private school speaker?  Lisa’s work as a professional speaker and wellness expert is ideal for any school or university event.   She has been a school speaker at a variety events including:

  1. Teacher Training days
  2. Education Conferences ( Higher Education and Secondary)
  3. Staff Wellness Days
  4. CPD Days for education staff
  5. Mental Health for Teachers, support staff and students
  6. Lead Trainer for YMCA Trinity Group ( Mental Health in the Classroom)

Examples past School Speaker engagements:

  1. Wellness facilitator  on Staff resilience at the Western Sydney Teacher annual conference
  2. Guest wellness speaker at St Augustine’s College Sydney staff training days ( three events)
  3. Teacher training workshop facilitator and coach at Sydney MLC Independent school
  4. School Trainer on Leadership for Year 9 students
  5. Workshop leader for an initiative organised by the University of Western Sydney  on encouraging mature students to enter Higher education.
  6. School speaker on ‘ How to have a confident career’ for Newcastle University
  7. Teacher Training days for Life Learning Trust ( UK)

School Speaker Topics

  1. Resilience in the classroom
  2. Mental Health in the classroom
  3. Dealing effectively with difficult parents
  4. Empowerment v’s Dis empowerment at work
  5. Self care for teachers and support staff
  6. How to be more confident in your career

Lisa also works with School Speakers .  She is also a freelance trainer for the YMCA Trinity Group on a wide range of Mental Health initiatives for schools in the Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Cambridgeshire areas.  Lisa’s book ‘The Confidence Coach’ is also stocked in school libraries internationally.   She  is also a enrichment speaker for several cruise lines including Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises.

Who is Lisa Phillips?

Formally based in Sydney Australia, Lisa Phillips is an award winning Speaker, Confidence expert and author.  Lisa’s work features heavily in the media .Lisa is also a qualified counsellor and Confidence expert with over 18 years experience. She also has vast experience working with kids as risk.

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