Join Lisa on the Love Destination Self Esteem Challenge!

Did you know that 3 out of 5 people in the UK admit to struggling with self esteem?   The good news is that Northamptonshire Life Coach and Confidence Expert is sharing her personal 14 day Self Esteem Challenge on The Love Destination app!

The Love Destination.

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Lisa’s Self Esteem challenge.

You will gain access to 14 videos in Lisa’s  self esteem challenge.  In each video,   the award winning life coach, author and wellness speaker will share with you her personal tips on how you can build up your self esteem.   It doesn’t matter how long you may have struggled with self esteem,  the 14 day challenge can help you!

In the self esteem challenge you will learn how to:

  1. Commit to increasing your own level of personal self esteem
  2. How to let go of seeking approval from what other people think of you.
  3. Why your self esteem is like a canoe on a stream!
  4. Like yourself more using a Love Journal
  5. Get into the habit of praising yourself daily.

Once you sign up at  you can receive access to all the courses and video content on The Love Destination free for 7 days.   After that, please use the code LOVE30 to get an additional 30 days access.