With the Coronavirus spreading across our planet, many of us are finding we are struggling with anxiety.   Anxiety may be new for you, or you could have been struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings for some time.

To help, I have highlighted a few phrases below that you can use to self soothe your anxiety particularly during the coronavirus breakout.

How do I self Soothe my Anxiety?

Learning to self soothe is a valuable skill.   It is the ability to use your thoughts to reach for an alternative thought which gives you relief.   Many of us were not taught as a child to self soothe so don’t be surprised if it takes you a little while to get the hang of it.    The benefits of learning to self soothe your anxiety are huge.   When you are able to self soothe your thoughts, your body will relax more.  The more you practice, the more your body will feel the relief and slow down your anxiety.  The more you soothe yourself, the more your body and mind will benefit.

Fast Moving Train

When anxiety kicks in, it is like your thoughts are like a fast moving train in your mind.   The faster your thoughts get, the more anxious you feel.   Therefore, it really helps if you are able to slow your thought down BEFORE they build momentum and the train starts moving fast!  This is a skill I help my Personal Life Coaching clients with and I promise you, it can really make a huge positive difference in your life.

Self Soothe Your Anxiety by practicing the following thoughts:

  1.  I would like to think it is possible that I can soothe my anxiety
  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could slow down my anxious thoughts and feel better?
  3. I would really like to be able to self soothe my thoughts and feel a little better today.
  4. I am really looking forward to feeling better, I am getting the hang of this
  5. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, I will be ok.  I have had anxious thoughts before and everything has worked out before.
  6. It is only an anxious thought, It can’t hurt me unless I believe it
  7. It is just anxiety, I don’t need to believe everything that I think
  8. All is well, I am safe, secure and in control
  9. Despite my anxiety, I would like today to be a good day! ( use first thing in the morning)
  10.  As I self soothe my anxiety, it gets easier and easier.

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Lisa Phillips, Personal Coach, Life Coach and Confidence expert

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach with over 20 years experience and is also a qualified Counsellor.  Formally based in Sydney, Australia,   Lisa works with clients all over the world using Skype Online Life Coaching.   She also provides face to face coaching from her home in Corby, Northants.

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