Like most of us,  it has been rather quiet over the past six months when it comes to getting out and about! Fortunately, I have some September Speaker events booked in the diary which I am so looking forward too!

Prior to Lockdown,  I used to spend a week every month travelling around the country being a guest speaker at events.  This included being a speaker at conferences, wellness events and team building events.

Like many of us,  Coronavirus  put a stop to live events.  Many of my live motivational speaker events have been postponed. Luckily for me, several workshops and conferences based in London were held online so I still had the opportunity to speak! ( it really is a passion of mine!)

Now that lockdown eases,  I am really pleased to be out and about again.   Here are a few of my September guest speaker events and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any additional information.

September Speaking  Events

September 4  – 2 Hour Training workshop for Teachers on ‘ How to Manage Difficult Behaviour in the classroom‘ ( Material supplied as part of the Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire YMCA Trinity Group Mental Health in the Classroom‘ services.

September 15 and 16th.  2 day Train the Trainer Mental Health Refresher.    This is a refresher course following a three day YMCA Train the Trainer course held in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  in 2019.

September 23 / 24   2 hour motivational speaking engagement for Trio Health Care in Leeds.

September 31 – 2 hour motivational speaker engagement for Trio Health Care in Surrey.

Northamptonshire Inspiring Guest Speaker

Lisa Phillips is a highly engaging guest speaker and has spoken at over 200 events.   She is also engaged to speak on several international cruise lines.   The award winning Confidence Coach  regularly shares her expertise in the media.

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